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Fedora 26 Default Desktop Wallpapers

Fedora 26 Default Desktop Wallpapers

Release date: 11-07-2017

A new release of Fedora is available now. Fedora team announced new version of Fedora on 11 July 2017. For more information about new release of Fedora and more technical details you can read the release notes here. You can get download link of new version of Fedora here. To get information about wallpapers’ copyright and licenses please visit this link.

Fedora default wallpaper folder

Fedora wallpapers are located in /usr/share/backgrounds

Content of the packages
  • f26.png - (3840x3072) - 8898.24KB
  • f26.png - (4096x3072) - 12701.94KB
  • f26.png - (3840x2160) - 7284.5KB
  • f26.png - (3840x2400) - 7878.29KB
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